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SIT Established: 2009

Singapore Institute of Technology

10 Dover Drive, Singapore 138682

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is Singapore’s university of applied learning. It aims to be a leader in innovative university education by integrating learning, industry and community.

  • 2,000-2,999
    Total Students
  • SGD 8,261
    Total Cost of Living(average per year*)
  • SGD 8,424
    Living On-campus(average per year*)

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SIT offers applied degree programmes targeted at growth sectors of the economy. As a new university, SIT offers its own applied degree programmes with a unique pedagogy that integrates work and study. It also offers specialised degree programmes in partnership with world-class universities and the five local polytechnics.

Through a unique tripartite collaboration with its overseas university partners and the five local polytechnics, SIT represents a new model that is set to become a key pillar of university education.

General Information

  • Bachelors degree
  • SGD 29,161 International student tuition fee (average per year*)

Programs / Degrees at Singapore Institute of Technology


  • Aircraft Systems Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services), MEngTech and BEng (Hons)
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land), MEngTech and BEng (Hons)
  • Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering), MEngTech and BEng (Hons)
  • Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems), BEng (Hons)
  • Electrical Power Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Marine Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Naval Architecture, BEng (Hons)
  • Offshore Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Civil Engineering, MEngTech and BEng (Hons)

Chemical Engineering and Food Technology

  • Pharmaceutical Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Chemical Engineering, BEng (Hons)
  • Food Technology, BFoodTech (Hons)

Infocomm Technology

  • Information and Communications Technology (Information Security), BEng (Hons)
  • Information and Communications Technology (Software Engineering), BEng (Hons)
  • Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering), MEngTech and BEng (Hons)

Health and Social Sciences

  • Diagnostic Radiography, BSc (Hons)
  • Occupational Therapy, BSc (Hons)
  • Radiation Therapy, BSc (Hons)
  • Nursing, BSc (Hons)
  • Diagnostic Radiography, BSc
  • Physiotherapy, BSc (Hons)

Design and Specialised Businesses

  • Accountancy, B (Hons)
  • Hospitality Business, B (Hons)

Student Life

  • Public
    Control type
  • Non-Profit
  • Religious affiliation

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