UiB Established: 1946

University of Bergen

P.O.Box 7800, 5007 Bergen, Norway

The University of Bergen(Universitetet i Bergen) was founded in 1946, making it Norway’s second oldest public university.

  • 17,000+
    Total Students
  • 13%
    International Students
  • 12
    Students Per Staff


The institution is based on two main campuses in the city of Bergen: with natural sciences, social sciences, psychology, humanities, arts, law and mathematics being taught at Nygårdshøyden, while health-related subjects such as medicine and dentistry are taught at the Årstadvollen campus on the outskirts of the city, close to Haukeland University Hospital.

Research is flourishing at Bergen, which houses four Norwegian Centres of Excellence, funded by the Research Council of Norway, including the Birkeland Centre for Space Science and the Centre for Geobiology.

The University Museum of Bergen has some of the biggest collections relating to culture and natural history in Norway, including exhibitions about the Viking age, a whale hall and an area devoted to Henrik Ibsen and the time he spent as a stage director in Bergen.

The academic profile of the University of Bergen has three major focuses. One is marine research - the city of Bergen is considered to be one of the largest marine science centres in Northern Europe. Another is climate research and energy transition and the third is global social challenges, where the university has earned a distinguished reputation both in Norway and abroad for its excellent, result-driven collaboration on research and education with universities in developing countries.

We arrange a Welcome Programme each semester for all new international students. Throughout the Programme we will introduce you to different aspects of being a student in Bergen and Norway through practical information and entertaining lectures.

UiB is a city university and most of our faculties, libraries and study halls are located close to Nygårdshøyden in the heart of the city, with a short distance to cafes, sports halls, parks and shops. The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is located just outside the city centre on Årstadvollen, close to Haukeland University Hospital, easily reached by bus. Student cafeterias are available on each faculty.

UiB students have access to the Student Welfare Organisation Sammen’s seven training centres for a low biannual fee.

General Information

  • Bachelors degree
  • 43% Students
  • Masters degree
  • 57% Students

Programs / Degrees at University of Bergen


  • Administration and Organizational Knowledge, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Arabic, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Archeology, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Achievable aquaculture, bachelor, 3 years
  • Bioinformatics, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Biology, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Computer Technology, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Computer security, bachelor, 3 years
  • Computer Science, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Digital Culture, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • English, bachelor, 3 years
  • Europastudium, bachelor, 3 years
  • Film and TV production, Bachelor, 3 years (expired)
  • Philosophy, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Public health and health promotion, bachelor, 3 years (expired)
  • French, bachelor, 3 years
  • Physics, Bachelor, 3 years
  • General Psychology, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Geography, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Geovitskap, bachelor, 3 years
  • Greek, Bachelor, 3 years (expired)
  • History, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Human Nutrition, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT), bachelor, 3 years
  • Information Science, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Informatics-Mathematics-Economics, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Italian, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Japanese, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Journalism, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Journalism, Bachelor, 3 Years (Discontinued)
  • Chinese, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Chemistry, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Gender Studies, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Classical Philology, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Climate, atmospheric and ocean physics, bachelor, 3 years
  • Cognitive Science, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Cultural Science, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Art, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Art History, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Latin, bachelor, 3 years (expired)
  • Literature Science, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Mathematics, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Mathematics for Industry and Technology, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Mathematics, Bachelor, 3 years (expired)
  • Media and Interaction Design, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Media Studies, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Environmental and resource subjects, bachelor, 3 years (expired)
  • Molecular Biology, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Music Science, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Nanotechnology, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Nordic Language and Literature, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Norrøn filology, bachelor, 3 years
  • Norwegian as a second language, bachelor, 3 years
  • New Media, Bachelor, 3 Years (Discontinued)
  • Pedagogy, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Petroleum and Process Technology, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Political Economics, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Religion Science, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Rhetoric, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Room Design, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Russian, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Comparative Politics, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Economics, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Social Anthropology, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Sociology, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Spanish and Latin American Studies, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Special Education, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Language and intercultural communication, bachelor, 3 years (expired)
  • Language Education, Bachelor, 3 Years
  • Statistics, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Dentistry, bachelor, 3 years
  • Theater science, Bachelor, 3 years
  • TV production, bachelor, 3 years
  • German, Bachelor, 3 years
  • Development Studies, Bachelor, 3 Years (Discontinued)
  • Performing music or composition, bachelor, 4 years
  • Visual Communication, Bachelor, 3 Years


Humanities and Aesthetic Studies

  • Master's Programme in Digital Culture
  • Master's Programme in English
  • Master's Programme in French
  • Master's Programme in German Language Studies
  • Master's Programme in Linguistics
  • Master's Programme in Nordic Languages and Literature
  • Master's Programme in Old Norse Studies
  • Master's Programme in Philosophy
  • Master's Programme in Spanish Language and Latin-American Studies


  • Master's Programme in Global Health
  • Master's Programme in Biomedical Sciences

Natural Sciences and Technical Subjects

  • Master's Programme in Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • Master's Programme in Biology
  • Master's Programme in Chemistry
  • Master's Programme in Earth Science
  • Master's Programme in Mathematics
  • Master's Programme in Meteorology and Oceanography
  • Master's Programme in Molecular Biology
  • Master's Programme in Nanoscience
  • Master's Programme in Petroleum Technology
  • Master's Programme in Physics
  • Master's Programme in Process Technology
  • Master's Programme in Statistics

Social Sciences and Psychology

  • Master's Programme in Development Geography
  • Master's Programme in Global Development - Theory and Practice
  • Master's programme in Public Administration
  • Master's Programme in System Dynamics

Fine Art, Music and Design

  • Master's programme in Design
  • Master's programme in Fine Art
  • Master's programme in Music Performance and Composition

Academic Life

  • 60 : 40
    Female male ratio
  • Semesters
    Academic calendar

Student Life

  • 1001-5000
  • Urban
    Campus setting
  • Public
    Control type
  • Non-Profit
  • Religious affiliation

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