NMH Established: 1973

Norwegian Academy of Music

Slemdalsveien 11, 0363 Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Academy of Music (Norges musikkhøgskole) is a leading artistic and academic university college with more than 600 students. The Norwegian Academy of Music fosters strong communities in performance, music education, academic and creative disciplines through its active working groups.

  • 500-999
    Total Students
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NMH offers music education founded on research and artistic development work. Our teachers are leading performers, music pedagogues, conductors, church musicians, music therapists and composers.

The high quality of education offered at the Norwegian Academy of Music is made possible by our faculty and staff of highly qualified professionals. The competence of over 180 employees spans many genres and specializations, ensuring breadth in teaching, research and presentation.

The Norwegian Academy of Music houses over 300 concerts per year, the highest concert production activity among Oslo's many halls and music venues.

The Norwegian Academy of Music has excellent concert halls, recording studios, the largest specialty music library in Norway, and an extensive collection of historical instruments. Rooms and suites are designed and equipped to give students and staff optimal access and resources for teaching, research, artistic development, creativity and musical expansion.

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Programs / Degrees at Norwegian Academy of Music


  • Bachelor of Music Performance - Traditional (Norwegian) Folk Music, Improvised Music/Jazz, Classical Music
  • Advanced Music Performance Study – (1 year)
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education
  • Bachelor of Music in Conducting
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition
  • Bachelor of Music in Church Music
  • Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration


  • Master of Music Therapy
  • Artist Diploma - Master of Music Performance
  • Master of Music Performance - Solo Instrument or Chamber Music Ensemble, Improvised Music/Jazz, Nordic Master: The Composing Musician, Traditional Norwegian (Nordic) Folk Music, Accompaniment and Chamber Music for Classical Pianists, Opera Répétiteur, Performance with Thesis
  • One-Year Graduate Performance Diploma – Classical
  • Master of Music Performance Technology
  • Master of Music in Conducting
  • One-Year Graduate Conducting Diploma
  • Master of Music in Composition - Main Concentration (Instrumental/Vocal/Electroacoustic), Film Music Concentration, Jazz Concentration
  • Master of Music in Applied Music Theory
  • Master of Education in Music

Doctoral studies

  • The scientific Ph.D. programme
  • Ph.D. programme in artistic research

Continuing studies

  • Jazz Composition

Academic Life

  • Semesters
    Academic calendar

Student Life

  • 100-199
  • Urban
    Campus setting
  • Public
    Control type
  • Non-Profit
  • Religious affiliation

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