Established: 1910

University of Divinity

21 Highbury Grove, Kew VIC 3101, Australia

The University of Divinity promotes the highest standards of scholarship in theology, philosophy and ministry. Through scholarship, the University aims to address the issues of the contemporary world. Founded in 1910 as the Melbourne College of Divinity, the University has a long history of pursuing and achieving these aims.

  • AUD 19,253
    Total Cost of Living(average per year*)
  • AUD 9,931
    Living On-campus(average per year*)


The University of Divinity is an Australian collegiate university of specialisation in divinity. It is constituted by eleven theological colleges from eight denominations. The University of Divinity is the direct successor of the second oldest degree-granting authority in the State of Victoria (and therefore is now the second oldest university in Victoria) the Melbourne College of Divinity. The university's chancery and administration are located in Kew, a suburb of Melbourne in the state of Victoria.

All students and staff join the University through one of its Colleges. Based in the Australian cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, each College is a unique learning community. The Colleges are supported by a wide range of churches and religious orders that together resource the University as a whole.

In 2010 the Melbourne College of Divinity, applied to the Victorian Regulation and Qualifications Authority for approval to operate as an "Australian University of Specialisation". The Victorian government announced on 30 August 2011 that the application had been approved and on 1 January 2012 the college began operating as a university.

The University's work is further resourced by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, which provides support to the Colleges and the University's Council and Academic Board.

The University of Divinity is unique in Australian higher education. It is the first and only Australian University of Specialisation, and the only Australian University founded entirely on a collegiate model. The University is constituted by the Melbourne College of Divinity Act 1910 of the Parliament of Victoria, and is listed on Table B of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 of the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia.

General Information

  • Bachelors degree
  • AUD 12,808 International student tuition fee (average per year*)
  • Masters degree
  • AUD 15,311 International student tuition fee (average per year*)

Programs / Degrees at University of Divinity


  • Diploma in Theology
  • Advanced Diploma in Philosophy
  • Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry
  • Graduate Diploma in Biblical Languages
  • Graduate Diploma in Biblical Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Church History
  • Graduate Diploma in Divinity
  • Graduate Diploma in Liturgy
  • Graduate Diploma in Ministry Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Missiology
  • Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Care
  • Graduate Diploma in Philosophy
  • Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction
  • Graduate Diploma in Spirituality
  • Graduate Diploma in Supervision
  • Graduate Diploma in Theology


  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Ministry


  • Graduate Certificate in Ageing
  • Graduate Certificate in Biblical Languages
  • Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry
  • Graduate Certificate in Divinity
  • Graduate Certificate in Guiding Meditation
  • Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Spirituality
  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in Liturgy
  • Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology
  • Graduate Certificate in Spirituality
  • Graduate Certificate in Supervision
  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Theological Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Theology


  • Master of Biblical Studies
  • Master of Church History
  • Master of Counselling
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Education and Theology
  • Master of Pastoral Care
  • Master of Philosophical Studies
  • Master of Spiritual Direction
  • Master of Spirituality
  • Master of Theological Studies
  • Master of Theology (Coursework)
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Theology (Research)
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Theology

Selection criteria

Language test
  • IELTS (Bachelors) 6.5
  • IELTS (Masters) 6.5
  • TOEFL (Bachelors) 91
  • TOEFL (Masters) 91

Student Life

  • 201-500
  • Theology
    Control type

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